We receive periodic awards throughout the year for different membership milestones. Stay tuned for the latest information on our membership goals and contests we will have throughout the year!


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Why Join the PTA?

There are so many reasons why you should join the GES PTA! Here are just a few: 


  • Support GES Students & Staff - By joining the GES PTA you have the opportunity to help our school in many ways through volunteering, fundraising for capital improvements, bringing programs to our school with new curriculum for staff & parents enrichment opportunities, bringing fun activities to our students, and so much more!

  • Get Connected to GES- When you attend meetings & volunteer at the school, you are able to keep your hand on the pulse of GES and really get to know what goes on day in and day out. You are given a better insight into the day to day of your children and our incredible teachers, and begin to better understand the inner workings of GES, unique challenges our school may face, and the dedication & love our teachers have for our children. 

  • Tap-In & Grow- When you "tap-in" with the GES PTA, we will work hard to find the right spot for you to help give back! We have opportunities for everyone, every skill set, and can work with whatever time you can give. Once you find yourself engaging with us, you'll find that you are building a strong rapport with the GES teachers & staff, discussing important issues with other parents, using & enhancing your unique skills, and even making a few friends along the way!

  • Witness Improvement- The more members & volunteers we have, the more we can bring to GES and the more we get to watch it grow & improve! Our WOW Garden is a great example of parents who took their unique talents & brought a wonderful program to GES! Now our students have the opportunity to learn about gardening & the environment in a hands-on, dynamic way they never could have before! 

  • Be a Role Model- As parents, we want nothing more than to teach our children how to be world citizens, and give back! What better way than for them to see you plugged in and giving back in an environment & at a level that they understand!

  • Advocacy- Be a voice for our children at the school level, district level, and state! This is a legislative year, and the GES PTA will be working hard to ensure our voice is heard in Austin, and that our lawmakers know where we stand on the issues!

Join Our PTA

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Easy Ways to Fundraise! 

Go to smile.amazon.com to log into your Amazon account and start earning .5% on qualifying purchases for GES. Enter: PTA Texas Congress 4409 Grapevine Elementary PTA to link your account to our PTA.


Link your Tom Thumb/Albertsons card at Guest Services the next time you go shopping using Organization Number 7665. Every time you use your rewards number, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the GES PTA!


Download the Shoparoo app and start earning on all of your qualifying receipts! It's as simple as taking a picture. 


Speaking of taking a picture of your receipt, you can now skip the clipping and upload your receipt pictures to the Box Tops App too!