GES PTA Fundraising

The GES PTA raises funds throughout the year to contribute back to GES in a variety of ways. Each year, we carefully review our goals and fundraising options to select the right opportunities for our school. We work with the GES Principal and staff to ensure that our goals align with the needs of teachers and students. 

Last year, our most successful fundraisers were our GES Laps for Learning and our GES Auction. We also hosted a number of events, Spirit Nights and work with some retailers to participate in their give-back programs. 


Another large portion of our funds comes from direct donations, which are tax-deductible! 


Based on feedback from our membership, we have opted to not ask the children to directly sell goods or services door-to-door.


Thank you so much for your support of the GES PTA and our GES Stars! With your support, we are excited to continue to provide valuable resources to our school. 


Our Next Fundraiser 




Traditionally, we have held a silent auction in conjunction with our GES Carnival of the Stars, but we thought, for our 25th Birthday Year, we would try things a little differently! The Silent Auction that you know and love will be held in the second semester at an adults-only event! 


Not wanting to miss out on some of our favorite GES traditions & experiences, we are hosting our first ever "25 Experiences Silent Auction" (see what we did there with the 25?) the week of October 14-18th.  GES families will have the opportunity through the week to bid on wonderful experiences like Principal for The Day, Ride to School in a Police Car, Popsicles on the Playground with your Teacher, and more! We will wrap up the auction at our GES PTA Dad's Club Movie Night on October 18th.  


Be on the lookout for more information! 

Upcoming Events


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Easy Ways to Fundraise! 

Go to to log into your Amazon account and start earning .5% on qualifying purchases for GES. Enter: PTA Texas Congress 4409 Grapevine Elementary PTA to link your account to our PTA.


Link your Tom Thumb/Albertsons card at Guest Services the next time you go shopping using Organization Number 7665. Every time you use your rewards number, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the GES PTA!


Download the Shoparoo app and start earning on all of your qualifying receipts! It's as simple as taking a picture. 


Speaking of taking a picture of your receipt, you can now skip the clipping and upload your receipt pictures to the Box Tops App too! 


Your logo could be here! Contact our Community Chair to be a sponsor today.